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Stress Less at Work

7 Easy Ways to Stress Less at Work with EFT

Stress Less Today Would you like to stress less at work? Workplace stress is a troubling issue for both employees and employers and yet little seems to be done about it in the workplace. If there are no programs currently running at your workplace, there are ways you can stress less at work that don’t involve […]

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7 Ways Lawyers Can Stress Less at Work

“All stress is caused by perception, not the actual situation or circumstance.” We can retrain the mind to process ‘stress’ differently until stress-free becomes the default mind program. Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT for short makes that process relatively easy. Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping as it is often called is a technique not unlike […]

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Life Meant to be Easy

10 Amazing Benefits of Tapping

There are many amazing benefits of Tapping. Imagine being able to feel good whenever you wanted to despite what was going on in your life. Imagine getting some really bad news and instead of becoming overwhelmed you managed to stay balanced and in control of your emotions. What if someone really pissed you off and […]

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Overwhelm is Optional

Overwhelm is optional in today’s world as new and improved personal development techniques are developed.  As the world becomes a more complex place, many of us still suffer with overwhelm.  The more active or creative the mind, the more overwhelm we usually have to deal with.  Although having a creative mind is certainly an asset, […]

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Do you get pissed off?

Do You Get Pissed Off Often?

My cousin Danny used to drive me nuts when I was a child. He was always happy, laughing and carefree, no matter what happened.  And that really annoyed me. In stark contrast, I was angry, fearful, worried and sad and that’s before anything bad happened. And I was pissed off about this. It seemed to […]

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