” Coming from someone who has worked closely with Madonna Robinson on this very topic in my life (I am 47) I suffered from bullying that started in my childhood and morphed into the school environment, and as I grew into adulthood the bullying followed me into my workplace, life and relationships and finally into a 3 year relentless online bullying scandal that involved people from all over the world. It was HORRENDOUS, VICIOUS AND CRUEL. I can tell you one thing I am 100% sure of.. this online bullying was so ferocious that if it had of happened to me as a teenager I would most likely have committed suicide.

Madonna taught me and helped me understand not only the why but how to change this easily and gave me the tools to turn this completely around.
She empowered me and she will empower you.” 
 Karen Stevens

“I was bullied all through childhood and all through adulthood. It affected every area of my life. Madonna taught me how and gave me the tools to become #BullyProof

I am now free to live in peace and without fear.
Invest in you. It will be the best 4 hours of your life and there is no better teacher than Madonna.”
Maureen Shaw

“I can not recommend Madonna enough, after my sessions with her, it’s not just my business that has improved but the way I am able to deal with things along the way. I am so thankful for the changes. I would recommend Madonna’s coaching to anyone who want’s more out of their life.”

Melissa van Kasteren

“What I was able to achieve personally and in my business in only a few weeks was unimaginable. By aligning my beliefs, subconscious beliefs to my goals what I had been seeking quickly arrived. My business goals were quickly reset when suddenly I was attracting the people to my life that would help my path to success and I to theirs. If you are continually coming up against the same roadblocks please don’t persist battling them alone. Madonna’s techniques are exactly what I needed to create the environment I wanted to be working in. Madonna, thank you for everything you give, you are a gift from the universe. “

Leanne Mansom, Independent Consultant

“Madonna You worked miracles! I just wanted to let everyone know what you did for me in 1 hour. x

I have known for sometime that I was blocked by a difficult relationship with my mother. All the “well if she doesn’t care about me then who else will?” “If my mum isn’t interested in me why would you be?”  You can see how this sort of thinking can mess up a fledgling business can’t you. The mixed messages I must be giving out.
Intellectually I knew this was a problem but I couldn’t get to the core of it on my own, and believe me I tried, everything. You name it,  I’ve been there – but my difficulty is when the problem is so deeply rooted in such an emotionally evocative relationship it is difficult to admit the whole truth and until that happens there is no way to move on from it.

And now I have – it has gone completely. One hour of no nonsense Madonna and I’m so over it. The biggest problem for me was not just admitting that there was a problem it was the guilt of not being in a functioning relationship with my Mum. It was crippling me.  I mean I am a relationship Coach I can’t even maintain a relationship with my mother, and I can’t tell you what impact it has had in my relationship with women in general. It so coloured and clouded many of my life decisions and now it has gone.

She has no power over me and I have no guilt left. I am an adult for the first time and making decisions about who I allow into my circle. I can’t tell you how liberating it is – how light I feel and how odd it seems to have all this extra mind space. We also worked on balancing my sense of responsibility which of course was completely out of kilter and seemed like it was a self sabotaging mechanism.

I was pretty sure there would be a shift in me but I had no idea it could be this fast or this deep. So thank you.”

Allison Reiner

I could not wait to get my testimonial in for my session today.
Madonna, thank you so much for opening me up to my potential and with
Theta and muscle testing, getting right to where we needed to go to be
able to let go of long held hidden and entrenched beliefs that weren’t
mine in the first place, instantly feeling light and fluffy….and
deserving and good enough, and rich!! Thank you “❤

Margie Hyde

“I knew very little about Matrix re-imprinting until Madonna introduced me to the topic. I was struggle with procrastination that was even stopping me from continuing on my inner work. Last week and this week Madonna introduced me to my inner child and we learned about her needs and how they have been sabotaging me as an adult. My inner child was like a cheeky little imp following me around undoing all my “good intentions”. All she wanted was to be heard and to feel safe. If you haven’t met your inner child or looked at Matrix re-imprinting then I strongly suggest you ask Madonna about them. Two sessions is all it took to reprogram so many areas. I have been able to heal issues related to trauma, loss of control, sexual abuse and issues around feeling unsafe and setting boundaries. This work is amazing especially if you struggle with procrastination. Please don’t put off this crucial work”

Donna Spittles

“Madonna has a special gift of clearing the unconscious limiting beliefs that you thought you had already shifted or forgiven yourself for, maybe many times. Her skill in digging deeper and uncovering trauma really impressed me, as well as the tools Madonna shared with me that I am using when my limiting beliefs surface. This is helping in my business and I attracted a new client for my new Heartscape product not long after our session. Thank you.

Suzie Cheel

I’ve been thinking for a while about how to tell you all just what an impact Madonna has had on my entire life, not just the success part! I didn’t just want to rave about how wonderful and talented she is, (which is true!)I wanted you to know specifically some of the things she has helped me with.

When I worked with Madonna she uncovered all my issues around why I wasn’t moving forward in my business, and a lot of the issues were things I’d never really considered, and once we started removing negative beliefs, my mind was able to uncover more deeper stuff that I’d never have known about. This included a whole wide range of things, some were things like, being scared no one would want my opinion on anything, I’m not good enough, I could’ve done better at school, and a ton more things, far too many to mention here. And she has cleared it all!

When I say cleared it, I mean it’s gone. Now I say my piece (which some people don’t like), and sort of have this feeling like “hang on I’m sure I used to feel something else when I spoke like this but I can’t seem to recall it now”, ALL my negative beliefs around work, success, myself, my childhood (and I had a rough one!), my parents, you name it are ALL GONE! They are now just a distant memory that I can’t quite recall, like when you have a dream that fades and you can’t quite get it back.

Not only did Madonna do all of this for me, but she gave me the tools to help myself, so in the future, if I develop more negative beliefs I can help myself and clear them. She has given me more vital life skills in a month than I’d learned in my entire life. Since being given these tools I’ve been off clearing every little thing I can think of, and I am so liberated!

As a result, my business has taken a different turn, well, I’m adding a second biz into the mix and I’m surging forward with no doubts in my mind at all that I am on the right course. I now speak openly about by network marketing business and as a result of underlying fears being gone, I find the vibe I get back from people is amazing! No more, “is it a scam nonsense, now I get, wow this sounds great!”

With her work, and my newfound tools and my negative life stopping beliefs all gone my family life has improved dramatically, suddenly my kids are better behaved (yes she can even help with this-crazy huh?), I’m making new friends, my money never runs out, I’ve bought so many new clothes, shoes, furniture etc, the money just keeps flowing, new car, flights for 4 of us to the UK, I am so indebted to Madonna, I owe this woman so much.

If I hadn’t found this group, I’d still be sitting on my arse, frightened to talk to people, wondering why I’m such a failure, living pay to pay with no money for new clothes and luxuries, and wondering why I’m so average.

So Madonna, thank you to the moon and back for changing my life, I can never express how much you have helped me, and I hope that some people will realise from reading this that they cannot afford not to have these life skills. Madonna is a game changer.”

Nova Ward, Arbonne Consultant

‘I first became aware of Madonna and the work she does through her facebook page and this past winter, 2015 I had a strong feeling that I needed to connect with her, which I did on her Rewire Your Brain page. I was in a really dark place. In the previous two years I had been working in a hostile, abusive work environment and was at a loss as to why I had ‘attracted’ this situation. I have done a lot of internal work over years, peeling ‘layers’ and while I had continued to work through this difficult time with the help of a spiritual transformation coach I did not know what was holding me back.

When I became aware of what Madonna offered by her four week program I felt very strongly I needed to do this. I do believe from the very first session I shifted the core beliefs that were holding me back, keeping me from allowing myself to be ‘seen’. After those four sessions with Madonna my life has truly changed. My previous patterns of procrastination and self-doubt and shame have transformed. I feel my level of awareness and conscious connection with divine intelligence has made a quantum leap. Through the work with Madonna my life’s purpose has became really clear. The outer circumstances of my life have changed and I believe that is a reflection of the changes in the inner circumstances of me.

If you want to go really deep and not just identify, but clear those core beliefs that keep you anchored in uncertainty, fear or pain then Madonna is the person for you. Do not miss this experience!

Ingrid Diana, University Lecturer, New York

“Everyday, I open my facebook app to find new people who’ve decided to hang their shingle out as a coach of some kind. So few of them are often able to define simply, the work they do, they the results they can achieve.

Madonna Robinson on the other hand was a little different. She promised to help me remove the emotional blockages that were anchored deep in my psyche.

Horrible, paralysing blockages that were stopping me from pursuing the path i’ve known i should be on for over 20 years. a path that was blocked to me because i was hung up on the opinions of others.

A path that was blocked to me, because i had to first rid myself of metric shit loads of shame about who i believed i was as a person.

A path that was blocked because despite my best efforts in my conscious self to forgive those that had brought harm to a frightened little boy, i still hadn’t. Not deep in my soul, where my hate, resentment and anger lived clinging like a limpet to a rock in the surf.

Thank You Madonna Robinson. You’ve allowed me to choose a path, that I’ve always wanted to walk but instead invested heavily in the opinions of others and walked a path that diminished me, instead of magnifying my glory.”

Rodney Bukuya, Wealth Coach

“Thank you Madonna for an amazing phone session.  I love the way you work your magin in such a swift and direct way.  I went deep within and shifted a very old program and negative patterns.  You are an incredibly generous and passionate coach.  I really trust you and admire the way you work.”

Jenny,  SA

“Awesome session today with Madonna Robinson. My testimonial: Do you have a fear of Rejection? I did. I had a fear of being seen as weird, a fear of being seen! After just one session with Madonna Robinson, I feel ready to take on the world. I am ready to been seen. I am ready to be heard. After all, isn’t that what you want for your business?!! After the session with Madonna, I was able to have an adult discussion with my husband about what steps to take in moving forward with my business. It was a great open and respectful conversation. I intend to keep out that fear so that I can keep having those wonderful conversations with everyone that I come into contact with. I intend to keep out the fear and step forward with my business and be seen and noticed so that my business can grow and flourish. I now have the skills to keep that fear of rejection at bay and not let it back in. Thank you Madonna Robinson, I am truly grateful.”

Mary Kerr, https://www.facebook.com/angelwingswellbeing

I cannot recommend the 30 day challenge with Madonna Robinson enough. It has been a real life changer for me both personally and professionally. My business is progressing in leaps and bounds and my personal relationships have become closer and more respectful. I now take better care of myself and I feel equipped to balance my business and personal priorities in a healthy way. I know I am a work in progress but I am for the first time in my life beginning to know I am enough.”

“The challenge was brilliant. I changed my mindset around ‘deserving’ and being ‘enough’ just being me. The change brought a new work building in, very quickly (I am in the middle of moving from my old work room to the new one right now) and plus.. I secured my part time contract in a school for another year (which is a miracle as new head teacher has made huge cuts to school budget and laid off teaching staff). I really sold my skills and they wanted to keep me. I’m so proud of myself.. That is a direct response to tapping and the 30 day challenge.”   Les

“I signed up for Madonna Robinson’s 30 Day ‘I am Enough’ Challenge, because I resonated with the concept that ‘I am not enough’ had unconsciously influenced me all my life – but that I was now prepared to do whatever it took to understand and let go what was obviously no longer serving me! I knew it involved EFT (Tapping), which I had tried previously but never really resonated with… however I trusted Madonna, and could see amazing results in her own life! So although I didn’t religiously tap each day, I did follow her video posts, considered the suggested topics, and started tapping….and was amazed at how my creativity began to flow more easily, once I had started making connections between what happened to me in life, and the topic under discussion! As a result I came up with a more streamlined message, and far more confidence in myself – “I am more than enough” – and I stopped comparing myself with others, once I realised that probably MOST people have issues with feeling inadequate, including those I had been comparing myself unfavourably with! So new understanding and insights increased those feelings of inner confidence and renewed inspiration! This course is such a valuable springboard from which to launch into whatever you wish to achieve for your life or business!”  Beverley

Thank you for the session today Madonna, I already feel a big shift. It’s amazing what one session can do, you hit my fear on the head and now I can happily say it is gone. I am actually excited to to the things that terrified me only moments before our session. I don’t know exactly how this works, but it definitely worked for me! A million ‘thank you’s,

Vanja Stace, http://www.staceandco.com.au/

“WOW! I can’t begin to explain how this works but it just does! I had my first 1 hour session this morning & experienced a huge shift in not only the way I was feeling but also in my thinking. Since opening my business I’ve been somewhat paralysed with fear of being rejected by clients & suppliers but from just one session I’ve now learnt that it’s all in my thinking & I had big blocks that were stopping me from moving forward. I don’t feel that fear to the same extent as those blocks are now gone. I know I still have a bit more work ahead of me but I love this approach as it gets straight to the point/issue with no messing around. It brings freedom, prosperity, hope, peace & essentially happiness. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Madonna for opening up my mind and my world!”

Sophie Roullier, https://www.facebook.com/bibmassageskinbody

“This is a new tapping technique for me and I like the way it works by dissecting the story. I think it’s good because as I am tapping on one story, another presents itself and it’s like acknowledging the stories and then saying goodbye to them. This tapping sequence is different than what I’ve learnt too but you’re right that it’s simple and it works. Stories are popping up all over the place. Tap,tap,tap. Am even visually tapping when in public.”

Madonna Robinson thank you so much for the session today. I was stuck with a huge fear of prospecting and calling people. And afraid of my foreign accent. My business was going bad. After one session I feel so much confident and I want to pick up the phone and call as many businesses as I can! The feeling is gone. I will see how I go next week. thanks a lot for your help. Loving and caring person! have a wonderful weekend! Xoxo

Milla Medeiroshttp://www.justmarketing.com.au/

I had my first session today and can’t thank you enough! Madonna guided me effortlessly to my deepest fears and helped me release my fears of rejection, failing and “what will my parents think”. And all in 30 minutes. I have used these techniques before for other issues and cant recommend them and Madonna Robinson enough! So thank you, Thank you for your help! x   Oh, and of course posted an Isagenix post straight after our session ;  no fear! Because that stuff really works!  Cat

Catherine Godward, Isagenix Consultant

“This is a good tapping technique. The previous one I used seem to only acknowledge the doubts and finished with ‘but I love and accept myself’. I like this way because it acknowledges the doubts, but then seems to tap (pardon the pun) into the psyche that really knows that the doubts are not true and starts changing the story to positively and truthfully make me feel I am enough. I didn’t tap on my original intention as day 4 is going to cover that, so used it for a career related block. Works like magic. Will keep tapping on it.”

Public Speaking is not my best subject however after a recent workshop with Madonna Robinson which tackled taking the FEAR out of Public Speaking I was actually able to get up and make a 10 minute impromptu speech in front a room of people! Thanks Madonna- I am looking forward to working with you again soon.

Claire Pink, Source, Import, Profit at http://clairepink.com.au/

WOW – just had a session with Madonna. Before our chat I had this weird feeling, holding me back. I love working with Madonna because I always get results fast – but this time I didn’t even know what I wanted to work on. It was intangible. Straight away she was asking me questions that triggered me emotionally and the stuff I needed to release became clear. I LOVE this process. No dragging up old dramas, just simple steps to clarity. Brilliant. I can step forward confidently on so many different aspects of my life now. My heartfelt thanks Madonna.

Marina Hutchinson, http://healthywealthymums.com/

I cannot recommend the 30 day challenge with Madonna Robinson enough. It has been a real life changer for me both personally and professionally. My business is progressing in leaps and bounds and my personal relationships have become closer and more respectful. I now take better care of myself and I feel equipped to balance my business and personal priorities in a healthy way. I know I am a work in progress but I am for the first time in my life beginning to know I am enough.” Sonya

“I wouldn’t want to spend my money on anyone else now since doing the 30 Day Challenge. I’m going to allow some space to let the new stuff settle, cos actually, the changes have been so quick that I need to let the rest of me catch up! That catching up consists of me completing a course that I’ve put off for 6 months… Which is a potential money earner. I now have the focus and drive to complete it thanks to your support Madonna and the wonderful group that we all co created.” 

Absolute stellar morning. I had not slept well, and had brought an “issue” with me, that was well and truly gone by the time I left. The people present, that space that Madonna created, and the practical lessons learnt and applied were gifts I will use and cherish in the coming months and years. Thanks so much!

Krishna Everson, http://krishnaeversonmarketing.com.au

“This is a good tapping technique. The previous one I used seem to only acknowledge the doubts and finished with ‘but I love and accept myself’. I like this way because it acknowledges the doubts, but then seems to tap (pardon the pun) into the psyche that really knows that the doubts are not true and starts changing the story to positively and truthfully make me feel I am enough. I didn’t tap on my original intention as day 4 is going to cover that, so used it for a career related block. Works like magic. Will keep tapping on it.”

Was blessed to attend the ‘How to feel comfortable charging what you’re worth’ workshop this morning with Madonna Robinson, who was so accommodating and has so much great stuff to offer and share, loved your teaching style Madonna. Thank you so very much.  There was an amazing fresh energy in the room, shared by all with a hunger and gentle push towards ‘stepping up’ to the next step on our souls purpose to serve, each and every one of us was completely on purpose. Great morning with strong, beautiful and powerful women making a difference, thank you to each and every one of you for showing up, being present, bringing authenticity and for shinning your light on us all… creating lasting connections.

Nadine Head, http://www.vorcehealing.com.au

It’s been a few months since I completed Madonna’s 30 Day I Am Enough Challenge and I’m still noticing changes. At the start, I was a bit dubious about the tapping method. It was all new to me and being a very head-based person I wanted proof.

Well, I got it. Working on the beliefs that hold me back and the old hurts was really freeing. I was able to let go of garbage and move on. I now have less anxiety. I am more confident about my work and take action faster.

I don’t always get things right but I’m easier on myself and don’t dwell on things nearly as much. Now I have a technique to use to find out what the issue is and release it and reprogram myself for success and happiness. I find I am less sensitive because I’m not reacting with all that past baggage. In short, life is better.

Madonna is about giving you the skills to deal with stuff independently, so you can continue to grow after the program. This is very empowering.”  Maria

Wow, what a fantastic morning of learning & fun… Madonna Robinson your workshop was uplifting & inspiring for me. You created a professional, friendly & sharing environment & did an amazing job of keeping us 15 like minded ladies on track…lol… I am super excited about using the info & tools to create abundance in my life & break through the fears. 

Anne Hannan, Scenar Therapist

Had a great morning at Madonna Robinson‘s ” How to Feel Comfortable Charging What You’re Worth’ workshop today. Connected with some wonderful FB friends. Madonna that was an amazing journey you took us on ~ there were so many breakthrough’s in the space of only 3 hours. To anyone thinking of working with Madonna, I would highly recommend her.

Kim Gillespie, http://savvyinspiredwomen.com

Thank you Madonna  for presenting a workshop that gave us clear lessons on how to question our beliefs and values, helping us to understand that they could be blocking our actions and outcomes. The connection between what we think we are worth and our beliefs and values can be very different. Offering practical steps which can be applied every day to help us achieve our desired results. Thank you very much.  

Lorraine Enright,  http://www.certitudelifecoaching.com.au

Have you ever stayed two days in bed just feeling it is too much to get up for no particular reason other than feeling down in the dumps? Well this is what happened to me last week and then I had a session with Madonna Robinson over the phone – she asked so many questions till she found the deep belief  that I am undeserving – she cleared it and gave me power to welcome success being worthy ! Well my life has changed : I am now bouncing out of bed 4.30 am after 5 hours of sleep and all I like to do happens: work out, phone calls and house work as well as working in my business – all with ease and positive mindset knowing all will work out – gone are the self doubts and negative voices and the procrastination ! So if you like her service give her a call – she heals over the phone! No visit necessary!

Xenia Hedja, Nuskin Consultant

Hello beautiful Madonna Robinson I just wanted to stop by to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart. I thought of sending this as a personal message and thought… NO… this is worthy of the whole world knowing xo Thank you for teaching me and giving me the tools empowering me to take massive action and make changes as required sometimes on a daily basis. You have helped me realize that the lifetime of guilt, anger, hurt and pain can be released and for me this has been a whirlwind experience. You have the ability to put into simple terms things that a myriad of psychologists, counselors, doctors and the likes have never been able to explain to me. Because you understand. It isn’t from a text book but comes from the heart. Thank you Madonna.  ♥ I will be forever grateful for your guidance and support. 

Karen Stevens

Thank you so much Madonna for helping me seeing and feeling a new way to look at why l was eating the food l was eating. I was eating chocolate, cakes and sweet biscuits to make me feel better and yet all they did was make me feel worse, so l ate more. In talking with Madonna and doing EFT l not only found out why l was doing it, l also found out so so much more about myself. I am happy to say that l have not had a chocolate,cake or sweet biscuit in the last 3 weeks, (not because l am on a diet,as they do not work, l have tried and ended up putting on more and starving myself) but as l just do not feel like eating them anymore. In the last 4 weeks l am proud to say l have said good bye to 3.5kg.

Thanks again Madonna.

Cindy Tavner

Hi Madonna

Thank you so much for your support and assistance. When I came to you I was struggling with my confidence and belief.  However within a very short time, you were able to identify the blockage – way back to childhood, which I was not aware until we discussed it.  It gave me a sense of lightness and energy just in that identification alone!  I have conducted research on EFT and I was impressed with its international usage. Having had just one session with you, I am now tapping and using the oils each day. I am feeling stronger and with more self-belief and loving the sudden flow of not only energy, but also amazing business that is now flowing my way.

Thank you

Celena Ross  www.mybusinessdoctor.com.au

Spent an amazing day with Madonna Robinson at her course ‘Tap into a Successful Mindset and Thrive in Business.’   If she runs it again I strongly reccomend it to everyone!!!!!!!!! I had the most amazing breakthroughs today in such a short time and walked away a more confident inspired person. Thanks Madonna!!!

Debbie Bozicecic-Mewes,  Psychic medium at http://universalgoddess.com.au/

Thanks for such a wonderful workshop on Tapping today Madonna!!! I learned so much and shifted a number of blockages in a matter of hours! I highly recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to move forward in their personal and business life! 🙂

Stephanie McGuffog, Nuskin Consultant at https://www.facebook.com/stephanie.mcguffog

Fab day today with Madonna Robinson from Excellerate You with EFT. Had some awesome breakthroughs and really got so much from understanding of Tapping. Finally, something you can take away and it actually works. My goodness moving forward now is going to be much more exciting now I have my tool of trade, so to speak. Was the best day I have spent yet, knowing I feel I can tap my roadblocks from hindering my life. Thank you so much Madonna..xxx you certainly Excellerated me today!!.

Cheryll Harper, Business owner at https://www.facebook.com/pages/KNEX-Business-Promotions/176532319133784

I did the ‘Tap into a Successful Mindset and Thrive in Business‘ workshop with Madonna Robinson of Excellerate You with EFT today. I had some big breaksthrough and cleared blocks that I’d identified in the past few weeks that had their roots in stuff that happened years ago and I thought I’d cleared it all. Those blocks had been holding me back from moving my business forward. I’m so excited about this tool called tapping. Thank so much Madonna xx

Dianne Graham, Colour therapist at http://korucolours.com.au/

I recently completed a 30 minute Change Your Mindset session via phone with Madonna. I sought Madonna’s assistance in helping me move past a program running through my head that I felt was holding me back in my business. The challenge I had and that most direct sellers have is “what will people think of me if I talk to them about my business” As direct sellers the secret to our success is sharing your business with others. Imagine the feeling of not being confidently able to talk to others about your business – the result my business was not growing despite my best efforts. Through the session Madonna taught me the technique of EFT to help me release those negative feelings about what others think of me and move forward. I found it empowering and as she explained the technique I quickly realised I could use it in other aspects of my business and life. I now feel confident to talk to people including friends and family about my business without the negative emotions I had . I would highly recommend completing a session with Madonna regardless of whether you are dealing with a professional or personal issue. The technique is easy to learn and can be applied in all areas of your life! Thank you

Julianne Davies, Nuskin distributor;  http://www.lookgreatfeelgreat.com.au/

Do you lack self confidence or self esteem? Do you want to clear mental blocks that are stopping your success? Are you stuck and don’t know how to move on?  Had an awesome session this morning with Madonna Robinson from Excellerate You Believe in Yourself (fb page). Wasn’t sure what to really expect, (somewhat humbling) – but the tools and strategies I came away with for changing my beliefs, my mindset and clearing the mental blocks is amazing!! Thank you Madonna. ♥

Toni Louise Forsyth,  http://virtualbusinessserviceshub.com/

I can thoroughly recommend a session with Madonna Robinson, I was at a very low point in my life late last year, unable to think or act with any clarity. Madonna offered me a session which I gratefully accepted, she helped me to unblock things that were holding me back, to see with greater clarity and to accept that what I was going through was OK and that I could move out of it, which I did. I continued to use the techniques that Madonna had shown me and to work on myself. I now have a new direction, clarity in my life and a sense of great passion and purpose. Thank you Madonna 🙂

Shiralee Wilson, Virtual Assistant

Yesterday, I had a terrific session of EFT, also know as tapping therapy with Madonna Robinson to help eliminate a reluctance to make prospecting phone calls. Most people in business or sales could identify with this. So what is EFT? It’s very hard to describe in words, but amazingly enough it works in an hour or two, so I highly recommend you go see Madonna and get rid of your problem if you are experiencing anything similar to what I was. You’ll be amazed at how fast and effective it is, and you’ll be so glad you did!

Paul Humphries The Video Guy

Hi my name is Jo, I am a 57 year young grandmother.  I have had many ups and downs throughout my life.  Some worse than others.  I have had a few EFT treatments with Madonna and have found them both rewarding and confronting at the same time.  I was sexual abused by my step grandfather when I was small for a number of years, this has been something that has caused me both, personal pain and relationship pain.  I have found that I seemed to attract men who were abusive in one way or another.  One day not so long ago I went to Madonna for a usual session, not too much to do I thought.  Well, was I wrong, as we progressed through the treatment, one thing lead to another and next minute I was crying, it was more like sobbing.  This emotion that I had been harbouring for over 50 years had finally been opened up by using Madonna’s incredible talents with EFT, her intuition and empathy.  Madonna allowed me to sit and sob my heart out, with dignity and without judgement.  That session marked a big turning point for me.  I still see Madonna when the need arises.  I have also learnt to use the EFT by myself, which Madonna encourages.    This knowledge had been invaluable to me in situations when I needed to clear some emotion which had risen it’s ugly head without warning, a few rounds of EFT on the appropriate points and I can feel the negative energy subside.  I can recommend Madonna’s therapies to anyone who wants to have a clearer understanding of their life and to be able to clear those stubborn negative energies.

Jo Wilcox, Trance Channel

After two sessions, I can see how my mindset is changing and how my business is changing with it. Thanks Madonna.

Jenny Beckmann, Mannatech Distributor

My business and income increased very quickly. Her techniques have helped me build my levels of confidence and have inspired me beyond what I thought possible.

Julie Christensen, Bowen Therapist

Madonna uncovered a lot of wrong beliefs that I didn’t even know I had. They had been holding me back from my goals and every single one of them is now gone. I feel so positive about my future now.

Rhett Shanley, Manager

I was in a toxic and co-dependent relationship for more than 22 years and I had left 7 times, but kept going back. One session with Madonna gave me the courage to leave permanently and start a new, happy life.

Anne Jeffries, Hairdresser

Madonna encouraged me to become committed to my business idea. Making this commitment set me free to explore my ideas.

Joan Martinuzzi, Music Teacher

The two hour workshop has taught me a very easy option to help overcome the list of issues affecting my life at present. Pricing for the class was excellent-You made us feel very comfortable.

Helen Royce

Madonna has helped me in many ways. I have learned how to tap, how to apply it to my life and I feel free now to create the life I want.

Julie Bloxsom, Professional Organiser

Before my session with Madonna today I was completely freaked out about the mere thought of making cold/follow up calls with potential product and business prospects; to the point where I felt physically sick in the stomach and this was truly crippling my ability to build a genuine business.

I am SO excited about the potential she has unleashed for me in just one  session and I am actually now looking forward to connecting with potential prospects and know that I can do so with complete confidence. I had previously been taught to ‘accept the fear and just do it anyway’ but I no longer need to do that.
I absolutely recommend Madonna to ANYONE who needs to make any kind of sales calls in their business – the breakthroughs will be HUGE for you – as they were for me!!
Thank you SO much Madonna xx”
Amber Beath
Network Marketer

“I was completely petrified to pick up the phone and call prospective clients.
I was scared  that I would be rejected. I would feel nauseated, sweaty, nervous and would get a massive headache to boot.

That was yesterday! Today after one session  with Madonna the pressure and anxiety I felt has disappeared. 

I am amazed at how effective the Thought Zapper is and how quickly it begins to work and have an impact on your thoughts and feelings. I now feel equipped to face anything. And I know that I will never fear calling prospects again. I have the tools I need to push forward with confidence and ease. My business will dramatically improve using this “secret weapon.” 
Thank you Madonna for showing me how to have it all.”

Karen Stevens – www.karenstevens.com.au
The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your health.

“If you want to get past all those nagging thoughts and insecurities when it comes to any area of your business – not just cold calling – then I would highly suggest that you get in contact with Madonna Robinson.

 You can easily apply her technique over and over as often as needed – knowing the impact and that it works.

The amazing thing is that this technique – as simple as it was to use – honestly made me feel that a huge weight had been lifted. 

It gives you the confidence to go ahead and do what you know you can do – without those naysaying thoughts interfering. I went ahead and made a cold call this morning – but this time without those thoughts and those fears. I did it, and I look forward to doing it again.

What delights me is the possibility that I can use this same technique to remove numerous obstacles I’ve allowed to block my own progress and self-fulfillment.

Thanks heaps – and I would recommend her to anyone!”

Kate Ryan-Taylor
Business Owner, Trainer & Mentor


“Thanks so much Madonna for the session I had with you. I was totally freaked about the idea of getting on the phone and cold calling: even a warm call took a lot for me to pick up the phone. This has really been slowing down the building of my business. Now I feel free of that ridiculous fear and now I can also clear any other fear that stops me moving. I can’t wait to pick up the phone and share with the world what I’m doing and how I can help them. Thank you for giving me the courage and strength to move forward, this is going to make so much difference to me to my business.


Andrea Putting – Spiritual Business Coach


“Good morning Madonna, 

Thank you so much for a wonderful session. Your way of approaching call reluctance really helped me drill down and get rid of a number of major barriers which I hadn’t previously recognised.

The technique you’ve taught me has come in very handy in dealing with life in general.

The idea of cold calling, which used to make me fearful, now makes me smile! I would recommend to anyone to give your technique a try. You have taught me a life skill!”

Tracey McLeod – Homestylist


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