The Dynamic Of Bullying

In a Facebook group recently I read a post by a woman asking for help with a business bullying situation. To be honest, most of the advice she was given belongs in the last century.

The roots of bullying are victim consciousness and powerlessness. Reporting the matter, standing up for ourselves, and learning strategies to deal with bullies are all band aid solutions to a problem that is not going away. Sure, that might diffuse that particular situation but until we deal with the cause, we are still a target for this sort of behaviour.

We are all connected to each other energetically and when a ‘bully’ needs a hit of power, he or she finds a disempowered person to steal it from. And the victim hands it over through their emotions by becoming angry, afraid, judgemental or self righteous (I never did anything to deserve it). The ‘bully,’ gets their power surge and the ‘victim’ is left feeling shattered and more disempowered. It’s an emotional energy exchange.

The way to stop becoming a target for bullies is through a three step process of awareness and empowerment. Firstly,  the emotional charge on all past incidents of bullying is released until what is left is  completely unemotional about these events, release all judgement around bullying and start to see it as the gift that it is and then to learn to stand in your own power so that bullies find other targets.

Bullies do not take on empowered people because they intuitively sense that their actions would be futile. Empowerment is a completely different energy from ‘standing up for yourself.’ Empowered people do not have to stand up to anything, because the game of bullying has collapsed for them. They no longer give their energy to it. This is not avoidance or putting up with it or trying to ignore it. This occurs when other people can no longer affect you emotionally no matter how hard they try.

And that is how you start to live a #BullyProof life rather than being at the mercy of of other people’s nastiness.

If you are being bullied or have been in the past and you are ready to become BullyProof, connect with me.


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