Transformational Coaching

Real change happens at the unconscious level.

With Energy Psychology it can happen in minutes.

Are you happy with your current level of business success?

Do you believe in the LOA and but still worry the economic climate?

Would you love to be more successful in your business?

Would you like to make more money?

Are you finding it hard to stay positive?

Do you feel stressed or whelmed?

Do you procrastinate or have trouble making decisions?

Do you hold back and miss valuable opportunities for promotion?

Do you hate asking for sales?

Does your fear of rejection limit your success?

Are you afraid of prospecting?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you are in the right place.

I work with solopreneurs, network marketers and salespeople who want to move beyond the limitations and who are ready to be more successful in business.

I help ordinary people to create the lives they want, no hype, no over the top promises. What I can promise is to teach you a technique that delivers extraordinary results. And once you learn how to apply this simple technique, you will be able to use it to create, change or improve any situation or circumstance in your life.

One of the most overlooked aspects of business success is mindset.

 Tony Robbins states that success is 80% Mindset and 20% strategy or action.

How does one maintain a positive attitude or a successful mindset in this economic climate?

You will learn a tool that allows you to do this without the need for positive self talk, which has severe limitations.

ExcellerateYou provides you with a different solution. We teach Cutting Edge Energy Techniques, because we know that changing your mind or letting go of the blocks is not always easy, even if you want to. Let’s face it.  It’s pretty hard to think positive thoughts when your business is not generating enough cash or when you are worried about the economy and see other business failing every day.   The system we use at ExcellerateYou is vastly different from cognitive techniques which rely on the cooperation of the conscious mind.  Emotional Freedom Technique works on the energy system, which means the conscious mind is bypassed, and resistance is minimal.  EFT is extremely effective, and very fast.  Sure, if you haven’t seen it before, it looks a little weird.  But remember, most people though the world was flat once.

Are You Ready To

Release your self limiting beliefs ?

Learn how to change your mindset about anything within minutes?

Eliminate behaviour patterns that are holding you back?

Start having more confidence in yourself?

Earn the income you truly deserve?

Are You Ready To Become Excellerated?

Becoming Excellerated means

Ridding yourself of doubt and fear

Eliminating Stress and Overwhelm not Managing them

Achieving All that You are Really Capable of

Feeling Truly Deserving of the Life You Want

Tapping into More Abundance

And achieving all of the above quickly?


How Would You Like to have a Tool At You Disposal That Can

Balance all your emotions including anger, fears, guilt, grief

Give you Instant Motivation

Change Your Self Limiting Beliefs

Eliminate Performance Anxiety

Put You Into the Peak Performance Zone

Help You Develop More Confidence


Why is This Method Better Than Traditional Coaching?

At ExcellerateYou

We don’t focus exclusively on goals. ( I know you can set goals.  But can you reach them?)

We don’t just talk.

You become transformed.

Your thinking changes.

Your self image can be upgraded.

Your vision can expand

Your limitations disappear.

Your blocks release themselves.

Your fears can become a thing of the past

Traditional Coaching does not achieve this.  

The least inexpensive coaching session on the market is around $150 and all that happens is TALK. You come away pumped, motivated and willing to be accountable for your new goals but, and this is the difference between ordinary coaching and ExcellerateYou; you will be exactly the same with ordinary coaching. All your fears will still be there, your limiting patterns will still be in place and the core beliefs you have since you were a child will still be running your life unconsciously .

I know that you have probably wasted money before on programs, courses, workshops and books that promise a lot but delivered little.

Look at what others have said.

Thanks for such a wonderful workshop on Tapping today Madonna!!! I learned so much and shifted a number of blockages in a matter of hours! I highly recommend your workshop to anyone who wants to move forward in their personal and business life! :)

Stephanie McGuffog, Nuskin Consultant at


Fab day today with Madonna Robinson from Excellerate You with EFT. Had some awesome breakthroughs and really got so much from understanding of Tapping. Finally, something you can take away and it actually works. My goodness moving forward now is going to be much more exciting now I have my tool of trade, so to speak. Was the best day I have spent yet, knowing I feel I can tap my roadblocks from hindering my life. Thank you so much you certainly Excellerated me today!!.

Cheryll Harper, Business owner at


I did the ‘Tap into a Successful Mindset and Thrive in Business‘ workshop with Madonna Robinson of Excellerate You with EFT today. I had some big breaksthrough and cleared blocks that I’d identified in the past few weeks that had their roots in stuff that happened years ago and I thought I’d cleared it all. Those blocks had been holding me back from moving my business forward. I’m so excited about this tool called tapping. Thank so much Madonna xx

Dianne Graham, Colour therapist at


I understand  that money might be tight right now, so I’ve decided to make Transformational Coaching as affordable as possible .

The Silver Package is 3 Session Transformational Package and is a steal at only $595. That’s four and a half hours of transformational coaching. 

The Gold Plated 5 Session Transformational Package is ridiculously affordable at $795.   That’s 7 and a half hours of  transformational coaching.  

So, don’t procrastinate. (After you learn my method, you’ll never need to worry about procrastination ever again). Book now and learn how to tap into your Successful Mindset.

 If you are truly ready to become EXCELLERATED contact me NOW  just in case I become famous and you can’t afford me.

Sessions can be conducted in person on the Sunshine Coast or by phone.



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