30 Days to Feeling Really Good About Yourself

One of the biggest barriers to women starting out in small business

is that they don’t ‘feel good enough’

on the inside.

Does this sound like you?

You  ‘know’ that you are really good at what you do. Perhaps  you have a gift or a message to share with the world.  Maybe you would love to make a difference to others.

The problem is that you just don’t FEEL good enough on the inside and that is holding you back from being able to get that message out or to make your product or service available to those who need it.

I know that because I spent many years in the same situation.  And it took me more than a decade years to move beyond it.  And during that time, I pressed on, trying to be successful in one venture after another.

I worried about what others thought of me.

I held myself back for fear of  rejection

I constantly stressed that no one would turn up to my functions

I felt uncomfortable at network meetings

I resisted speaking in public

I didn’t feel confident talking about my business

I felt negative and attracted negative or difficult people

I was scared to ask for joint ventures

I felt like a fraud

I was afraid that I might not actually be ‘good enough’

Eventually I found what worked for me.  I moved from knowing I was good enough to feeling like I was good enough.

Massive shift.

What I wished I knew before I started any of my businesses was that developing my sense of self first would  have shortened the distance to success by years.  It is very difficult to become highly successful in business if you don’t feel good enough and it takes so much longer than it does for anyone else, because of the Law of Attraction.  How can you attract success when you don’t feel successful?

Trying to become successful in business without feeling good enough inside is highly stressful because it creates even more self doubt.  And self doubt slows down the process.  It’s like driving a car with the brakes on.

Not only that, but you miss out on valuable opportunities because you’re afraid to ask for what you want or to self promote.

If you don’t FEEL good enough, you might not dress like a successful person because you don’t see yourself as a successful person. I guarantee you hardly ever pamper yourself.

You might even dress down to avoid attention.

There’s a good chance you put the needs of others before yours.

You always compare yourself to others and come off second best, even if they lack your ability.

You underestimate your achievements, skills, abilities and gifts.

You are unwilling to stretch yourself too far out of your comfort zone, because it feels icky.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You might have been to tons of workshops looking for the ‘magic bullet’ that will skyrocket you to success, that’s if you could afford it, because that’s another thing, you probably don’t have much spare money.

I wasted many thousands of dollars trying to find that magic bullet at seminars and workshops. And I turned myself inside out trying to feel self confident and assured.  Maybe NLP is the answer, or this marketing course. Perhaps I just haven’t discovered my passion or purpose.

I listened to hypnosis tapes on confidence for 30 consecutive days.  More than once.

 I engaged a hypnotherapist many times.

I saw alternative therapists, psychologists, spiritual healers, kinesiologists and anyone else who I thought might provide me with the breakthrough I’d been searching for.

And finally, the solution was so simple and so quick and so easy.

One of the things I discovered along the way is this.

You cannot FEEL fabulous and wonderful about yourself by any external means.  No book or seminar or course will help you.  Neither will looking in the mirror and telling yourself you’re awesome make much difference.  What those things will do is to make you THINK you are good enough.  If you do them often enough you might even come to KNOW you’re good enough, but you still won’t FEEL it.

EFT or Tapping did that for me.  It moved me to a place of knowing I’m good enough, which is a deeper place to be than merely thinking you’re good enough.

I  finally found the missing link to feeling absolutely great about who you are and radiating that out to the world.

If you are 100% over  feeling ‘not good enough,’ I invite you to work with me one on one.

I offer seriously affordable, seriously short packages to get you on the road to feeling great about who you are.  I do this for two reasons.  The first obviously is cash flow.

The second is this.  I completely understand how painful it is turning up everyday in your business feeling like you are not good enough.  It sucks big time.  I do not want anyone to struggle with this for one day longer, because it feels terrible.  At this point I want to congratulate you for stepping out and up.  And I want you to congratulate yourself right now, because you know how hard you’ve tried and how difficult it has already been and how many times you have had to force yourself to get out of your comfort zone.

But I also have an ulterior motive. When you get a good result from this starter package and you know what I offer absolutely works, you might want to take this further and buy into my Ultimate Package, so that you can truly feel how absolutely awesome you really are.  My passion is to move women towards complete Self Actualisation, because that’s what my 25 year journey has been about.

Wouldn’t that make your business world rock?

Here it is

Feel Good About Yourself In 30 Days

You will get 4 sessions of one on one Transformational Coaching over 4 weeks on the phone for $495.  That’s 4 hours with me teaching you everything I know.  No holding back, no saving the good stuff for later. If you do exactly as I teach it to you with as much gusto as I did, not only will you achieve a sensational result, you should be able to turn up in your life feeling pretty damn good.  Now, I don’t know what your personal history is and how much you’ve experienced in your life, so I can’t guarantee that you’ll feel like a superstar within 30 days.  What I can guarantee is that you will have made a significant shift in how you feel on the inside about yourself.  And those results will allow you to move forward in your business with greater ease and peace of mind, feeling much more confident and powerful.  Oh, and happy.

I only work with those who are 100% ready to move forward, because my aim is to develop a word of mouth referral business, which means that your success is my success.    The methods I use are not confronting and quite painless.  But bear in mind that change is change.  You might need some tissues, but that’s OK.

I do not use self talk, motivation or inspiration.  I do not tell you how wonderful, talented and brilliant you are and to consider what you’ve already achieved.  That’s old school.  I tried that for years.  I teach you how to transform on the inside using Energy Psychology.

How quickly it works and to what extent is your responsibility.  The more work you are willing to do in 30 days, the better and quicker the  result.  This works if you do.

If you are sick and tired of not feeling good enough, especially if you are in business, don’t waste time, because time costs money.  The money you think you’ll save by not buying into this now is absolutely a fraction of the money you’ll miss out on in your business in the meantime. And you’ll keep searching for the next bright shiny thing that you hope will make you successful.

I  just wish someone had come up with this package for me ten years ago.  I would be a multimillionaire by now, because  I would have created the type of success my skill set reflects, easily and effortlessly.

If you still need convincing then you are not fed up.  You  might  need more pain before you’re ready to let go of the old crap, or maybe you don’t know me well enough yet.  But you might want  to get a reminder about this package from time to time,  so like my Facebook Page so we can keep in touch.

If you are100% ready to start showing up in your life with confidence and self assurance, please contact me now  so you can

Feel Good About Yourself in 30 Days

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