Call Reluctance


Need to get new listings or new clients?

When it comes to making those business calls are you sick and tired of ‘feeling the fear and trying to do it anyway?’

Or do you find other more pressing tasks and manage to avoid it completely?

That’s not very good for business, is it?  

It’s hard to secure new clients or service old ones if you don’t manage to contact them.



I don’t know about you, but I’m into the stress free life.  I don’t want to talk myself into anything any more.  I don’t want to have to push myself to do things that are uncomfortable, no matter how lucrative they might be.  I’m just over that.  Life is too short for that.

I’m not going to insult you with tips and tricks and hints about how to overcome  call reluctance.   You’ve probably heard them all before.    I’m not going to tell you it’s a problem with your thinking  and if you change the way you think, and push through it, every thing will be OK.  If you could already do that, you wouldn’t have a problem, would you?

I’m not going to suggest that if you think of all the ‘No’s’ as the pathway to ‘Yes”  then you’ll get over it.  Because I know you already know that and it hasn’t worked for you.

In my quest to eliminate the fear of making those calls I tried ‘self talk‘ and I used hypnosis for 30 days and then subliminal CD’S.  They didn’t work for me.  Now, I’m not going to tell you that these don’t work.  They do work for some people.  I just wasn’t one of them.

If making sales or prospecting calls is something you must do in your job or your business, and you have a real aversion to it, then you’ll either have to change your profession or get over it.

What if I told you there was a really easy way to get beyond it and it wouldn’t take a month, it wouldn’t even take a week, it could happen within one or two hours.  Would you believe me?  Probably not.  Why should you?  The last client I saw for this problem had been coached by the best and previously had seen  a psychologist for 8 sessions using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  He was in  a fairly serious financial situation, but this was not enough for him to overcome his fear.  He was unable to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’

Who can blame him?

Call reluctance is enough to make anyone sick.  All that rejection.  How does it make you feel thinking that you are bothering people?  Thinking that they are not interested in what you are offering?

Do you sometimes feel like a failure?  Do you look at others who can pick up the phone easily and call that prospect with confidence and ask yourself what is wrong with you?  The truth is there’s nothing wrong with you.  Call reluctance is  nearly as stressful for some of us as public speaking, so you are certainly not alone if you have an aversion to it.

I do have a solution for you.  I offer a 90 minute transformational session either in person, skype or by phone.  If you are not completely convinced that your fear has been eliminated then you don’t pay.  Couldn’t be any fairer than that.

Why is my system better than any other?   Simple.  There are two other  types of  procedures to overcome this fear.  One is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or CBT which works with your conscious mind and the other is hypnotic or subliminal, both of  which work with the unconscious mind.  The problem when working with the conscious mind is resistance.  Let’s face it, your conscious mind hasn’t been very cooperative until now, so do you think any amount of talking is going to change that?

It would seem likely that hypnosis and subliminal products would generate a higher success rate than CBT.  The problem though with these is that one size must fit all.  Not every person who experiences call reluctance has the same block.  Some clients have an issue with rejection but for others its a self esteem issue.  For yet others, it is something else entirely.

In ‘The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance,’ by Dudley and Goodson, 12 different types of call reluctance are identified.   That’s why the old methods of dealing with Call Reluctance are not  that effective, because there are two many variables.

The system that I provide works not on your conscious mind, not even on your unconscious mind, but on your energy system, much like acupuncture without needles.    And it is directed at your particular block, not someone else’s.  I teach you how to work with your energy system.  Energy Psychology uses cutting edge techniques for rapid mindset change.  It is the way of the future.




Yesterday, I had a terrific session of EFT, also know as tapping therapy with Madonna Robinson to help eliminate a reluctance to make prospecting phone calls. Most people in business or sales could identify with this. So what is EFT? It’s very hard to describe in words, but amazingly enough it works in an hour or two, so I highly recommend you go see Madonna and get rid of your problem if you are experiencing anything similar to what I was. You’ll be amazed at how fast and effective it is, and you’ll be so glad you did!

Paul Humphries


If you google ‘call reluctance’ you will find group sales training starting at $795 for one  day and upwards of that for two day workshops and there is no guarantee.  That’s why you can’t beat my offer.  You might ask why am I offering a guaranteed service at a bargain basement price.  The reason is simple.  Although I have been using these techniques for more than 12 years in other areas,  I  feel it’s time to explore a different niche.  I need a new challenge, but that means I am unknown in sales.

Like to eliminate your Call Reluctance and feel confident

picking up that phone?

Cost for a 3 x 60 mins session $295

To schedule a transformational session, email me NOW.


Madonna works with network marketers, sales people and small business owners to help them develop the mindset to become successful in their career or business.   She is a Personal Development Consultant, a Level 3 EFT Practitioner, trained in Matrix Reimprinting, a certified Life Coach, an NLP Master, holds certificate IV in Small Business Management, Workplace Training and Assessment and TESOL, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Humanities and a Diploma of Education.  




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