Weight Loss That Works

How many diets have you been on over the years?  Honestly?   How long did you stay on them?

What happened when you started eating normally again?

How many times have you joined the gym?  How long did you stick with that?

But this year is going to different. Right?

I’m not sure why you think it would be different this time although I commend you for trying.

Dr Phil says the best indicator of success is past results, and of course he is right, UNLESS there is a change of mindset.  Losing weight has little to do with willpower.  And not much to do with food or exercise either, although those things do matter.

The problem with many chronically overweight people is the relationship with the self. A poor relationship with the self CAN create a negative cycle of overeating.  How?  If you continually berate yourself then you are in an abusive relationship with yourself.  Imagine how you would feel if your partner or your best friend said the things to you that you say quietly to yourself?

Food is the great pacifier.  It gives comfort.  Weight provides protection and sad to say protection that is sometimes needed from the self.

Ask yourself these questions;

Do  I see myself as overweight?  What if you could reset your weight button and see yourself as slim?

Do I feel guilty when I eat something that is fattening or unhealthy?   How awesome will it be to eat whatever you like without the fear of putting on weight or without the guilt?

Do I make statements like ‘I only have to look at a piece of chocolate torte to put on weight?  ‘Did you know your beliefs are much more powerful in determining your weight than the actual calories?

Do I believe I can’t lose weight because my metabolism is slow? I can teach you how to speed up your metabolism without supplements, dietry changes or exercise.  How cool is that?

Do I skip meals thinking it will help me to lose weight or so that I can overindulge later?  What other misperceptions do you have around eating?  What if you could clear up all the lies you have been telling yourself about food, your body, your weight.

Do I eat when I’m angry, sad or depressed?  What if you could learn how to STOP your emotional eating?

Do I tell myself that I hate exercise? What if there was a way to actually start liking it or at least being able to do it?

Do I have a payoff for being overweight?  You would be surprised how many people actually have  an unconscious  reason for staying overweight. That can be identified and eliminated.

What if you could actually start to ENJOY eating again instead of feeling that food is the enemy?

Wouldn’t it be great to NEVER have to diet again? Ever?

In his book The Ultimate Weight Solution, Dr. Phil McGraw’s top two keys to permanent weight loss are right thinking and healing feelings. And that’s where Energy Psychology has the edge in the weight loss stakes.

Energy Psychology or Tapping gets to heart of the matter, to the cause of YOUR weight gain.  This is not a one system fits all approach. It deals with WHY you are overeating and WHY your body is holding onto the weight. The main reason weight loss programs don’t work for the majority or in the long term is that they don’t address the causes and they work at the level of behaviour change only.

Most weight loss programs only address what we eat and not why we eat it.  Our brains are designed to resist change, but tapping changes the neural pathways in the brain and corrects the thinking and feeling that keep us overweight.

So, if you are

• sick and tired of the dieting treadmill and you want to get off
• ready to have a happy, healthy relationship with food this year
• ready to lose weight without restrictive dieting
• willing to let go of what really causes you to be overweight
• ready to love and nurture yourself slim and healthy

I will create a 3 session package for you to deal with your issues around food, eating or weight that will put an end to all the fear and the guilt and dieting madness. You will be expected to complete homework and the cost includes an initial exploratory session of 15 mins, your own personal program to deal with these issues, three 60 minute phone sessions, and twice weekly follow up and support in between sessions either through email or Facebook PM’s. The all inclusive cost is an incredibly low $295.

If you are ready to move beyond the madness of dieting and continual weight gain contact me now so we can get started. Let’s together make 2014 your best year yet by loving and nurturing YOURSELF healthy and slim.

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