What’s wrong with anti bullying campaigns

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “You can’t solve problems with the same thinking that created them.” And that’s exactly what we have been attempting to do with anti bullying campaigns.

The current paradigm around dealing with bullying is to maintain the sanctity of victimhood which is a very low level vibration for the magnificence of the human spirit.

The current programs designed to stop bullying are outdated and doomed to failure because they deny our true spiritual nature.

The current information on bullying is rooted in ignorance of the dynamic between those involved. And even more importantly the purpose bullying serves for personal development and growth.

The current advice on bullying ignores the fact that unless we participate in our victimization it can’t happen.

The current beliefs around bullying consider taking responsibility as victim blaming.  The current position on bullying maintains the status quo and blocks growth and evolvement which is the Higher Purpose it serves.

It’s time to change the paradigm and foster in a culture of being sovereign over our own lives instead of being victim to it.

It’s time to stop participating in the bully game. Fighting bullying is playing the same game. The game needs disruption. Taking back power from the bully is the new paradigm and we do that by increasing the personal power of those being targeted. The game collapses like a house of cards. Watch it fall.

If you’d like some help changing the paradigm in your personal life or workplace, connect with me. I’d love to help you break the spell of bullying.

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