Work With Me

As a Mindset Coach and Personal Development Consultant I work with people in a variety of ways.

The 30 Day I Am Enough Challenge is my pride and joy. At the core of what holds us back from our dreams is this insidious and far reaching belief that for some reason or maybe many reasons we are simply ‘not enough’ to have it all, to be successful, to deserve love, to have a happy or fulfilled life.  This is nothing more than a story, but for some of us it is deeply entrenched and needs some coaxing out.

The challenge starts on the first of each month and is facilitated with 30 videos in a secret Facebook group.

I also believe coaching should be affordable for everyone which is why I started My Big Leap, an online, unstructured coaching program which delivers spot coaching based on the needs of the group.  At only $149 a month, with maximum of 10 members at a time, you get goal setting, structure, planning, accountability and mindset training.  Plus a certified Life Coach to answer your questions, support you and guide you every day of the week.

Many of us carry a Sh#t Bucket of old baggage  from one situation to the next, whether that be relationship issues, business and success blocks or generally just feeling like something is not quite right. It’s a 6 week series of clearing and coaching sessions delivered one on one that empties that bucket of all the toxic baggage you are carrying. You’ll feel light, empowered and happy, ready to enjoy life and to take on the world.


For those of you who are ready to tackle the next level is Smash Your Upper Limit.  This is one on one highly targeted coaching and deep mindset work for those who want to uplevel but who have been finding it difficult. This is 4 weeks finding where your Upper Limit is set, emptying your bucket of any limiting stories that are keeping you stuck and of retraining your brain to be in alignment with the your new level.

A Life by Design is a 6 months one on one coaching program, which coaches you to create the life you want using the latest in mindset training, neuroscience, metaphysics and personal development. It is by application only.



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