30 Day I Am Enough Program


I am enough 2I am enough.

Such magic words. But are they true for you?

They were not true for me for most of my life. And the belief that I was not enough, not good enough to be a teacher, an entrepreneur or a successful business owner held me back for decades and kept me playing small.

Be honest, what would you do if you truly believed you were enough?

Become more visible online?

Ask for what you want without fear?

Post videos to Facebook?

Leave a dead end relationship?

Stop people pleasing?

Put your own needs first?

Write that best seller?

Charge what you are really worth?

Speak up more often?

Ditch that crappy job?

Did you know that there is a world wide epidemic going on at the moment and it’s not a physical illness?  

It’s the belief that we are not enough.  Most of us suffer from it even though we don’t all readily admit it. There is a lot of shame associated with not feeling like we are enough, but it’s such an insidious idea that is at the core of everything that limits us.

Why do you think we don’t want to get up and make a speech in public?  Because we fear we’ll be judged as not being enough.

Why don’t we make those follow up business calls even when they are so important? Because we are afraid of hearing a ‘No,’ which triggers the shame of not feeling like we are enough.  If we were enough, surely we’d get a Yes. That’s how our minds work.

What causes that constant self doubt and the self critical voice inside your head?  That’s right.  That crazy lie that says you aren’t enough.

Not feeling enough is at the heart of ALL of our limitations.  This is a CORE BELIEF and core beliefs are like your own personal computer program, the Windows 10 of your inner world.  Smash this, change the program  and breakthrough the BS story you are telling yourself that is keeping you stuck and limited.

In this 30 Day I Am Enough Program you will; (if you do the work)

  • Know you are enough for one BIG goal
  • Believe you are enough despite your age, education or past failures
  • Know you are enough despite what others have told you
  • Know that you are enough to earn a good income
  • Believe that you deserve success despite anything you have been punishing yourself for
  • Know that you are enough even if and when you stuff up
  • Believe you are enough to have your needs met
  • Know that your work is enough
  • Believe your ability, your gifts and your talents are enough
  • FEEL that you are enough for anything you want in life

I can’t speak highly enough of Madonna Robinson and her mindset program. Mindset is the number one thing that stops my clients moving forward. It’s also been a battle at times to overcome my own feelings of shame and worthlessness. I have found Madonna’s 30 day challenge to be insanely helpful and if you are getting in your own way, I encourage you to join her next challenge and know that YOU ARE ENOUGH #‎iamenough‪#‎madonnarobinson  Krishna Everson

What you will get

♥ A Secret Facebook group.

 A daily video to facilitate the changes you will need to make that day.

 ♥ A place to post questions, concerns, challenges and ‘stuckness’ so myself or any members of the group can help you get unstuck.

Support without judgement

The latest techniques for change that can be applied to other issues in your life

Brainstorming and networking with like minded people

A really inexpensive way to make a shift that could have such a massive impact on your life

You’re AWESOME Madonna! What you have done with this program is just amazing and I am loving it. THANK YOU.  Nicki Griffin

“Doing Madonna’s 30 Day “I am enough program” was amazing. I do a lot of tapping and work on myself but there is nothing like having and a guide as awesome as Madonna on a daily basis and a group to support you. The value of this is extraordinary. Before the program I was really stuck in knowing how to move forward in my business. During the prpogram this became clearer and I felt so much more confident and was then able to see the steps I needed to take to market myself and get my message out. I really want to make a difference in the world but without Madonna helping me and without the “I am enough” program. I know it would have taken me probably months if not years longer. I can’t thank her enough for the work she puts into this program and her mentorship.  Ilka Oster (Sunshine Coast)

“This style of tapping is powerful stuff! I’ve done tapping before but never felt any shifts, so I guess that’s why I’ve been really hit & miss with it. I haven’t even watched today’s video yet….just tapped on my big intention and have totally kicked butt on a whole heap of negativity and other people’s voices in my head saying’ you can’t do it.’ Feeling so much energy in every cell of my body….tingling….feeling so strong on this now. And that’s without getting my masculine on. Woohoo!! Thanks Madonna!!”

“The program was brilliant. I changed my mindset around ‘deserving’ and being ‘enough’ just being me. The change brought a new work building in, very quickly (I am in the middle of moving from my old work room to the new one right now) and plus.. I secured my part time contract in a school for another year (which is a miracle as new head teacher has made huge cuts to school budget and laid off teaching staff). I really sold my skills and they wanted to keep me. I’m so proud of myself.. That is a direct response to tapping and the 30 day challenge.”   Les

“I signed up for Madonna Robinson’s 30 Day ‘I am Enough’ Program, because I resonated with the concept that ‘I am not enough’ had unconsciously influenced me all my life – but that I was now prepared to do whatever it took to understand and let go what was obviously no longer serving me! I knew it involved EFT (Tapping), which I had tried previously but never really resonated with… however I trusted Madonna, and could see amazing results in her own life! So although I didn’t religiously tap each day, I did follow her video posts, considered the suggested topics, and started tapping….and was amazed at how my creativity began to flow more easily, once I had started making connections between what happened to me in life, and the topic under discussion! As a result I came up with a more streamlined message, and far more confidence in myself – “I am more than enough” – and I stopped comparing myself with others, once I realised that probably MOST people have issues with feeling inadequate, including those I had been comparing myself unfavourably with! So new understanding and insights increased those feelings of inner confidence and renewed inspiration! This course is such a valuable springboard from which to launch into whatever you wish to achieve for your life or business!”  Beverley

“This is a new tapping technique for me and I like the way it works by dissecting the story. I think it’s good because as I am tapping on one story, another presents itself and it’s like acknowledging the stories and then saying goodbye to them. This tapping sequence is different than what I’ve learnt too but you’re right that it’s simple and it works. Stories are popping up all over the place. Tap,tap,tap. Am even visually tapping when in public.”

“This is a good tapping technique. The previous one I used seem to only acknowledge the doubts and finished with ‘but I love and accept myself’. I like this way because it acknowledges the doubts, but then seems to tap (pardon the pun) into the psyche that really knows that the doubts are not true and starts changing the story to positively and truthfully make me feel I am enough. I didn’t tap on my original intention as day 4 is going to cover that, so used it for a career related block. Works like magic. Will keep tapping on it.”

We will be working with energetic processes to fast track your results and to change the deepest levels of your mind.  Obviously, the more effort you put in, the greater will be the result. The same goes for being consistent.  Working on this for 30 days will get you a concentrated benefit.

Hi All. UPDATE: I am feeling so much more confident and it is only day 5. Have tapped everyday on my big goal and I am slowly getting through the stories. Tapping is not easy to master and I really have to work at it but worth the time as I can see a big shift in my mindset- wow what will day 25 be like? cannot wait 🙂  THANKS Madonna  Claire Pink

I Am Enough is at the heart of what holds us back and we are all influenced by these magic words.  At every new level we wish of achievement we come up against our own Upper Limit, that invisible barrier that seems impossible to scale at times. You might be starting out in business, or wanting to make a massive leap in income or position.  What holds you back from that is the belief that you are not enough to pull it off.

Let’s change that in 2016 and finally know “I Am Enough.”

 Completing the first week of Madonna‘s 30 day I am enough program I am well on the way to rewiring my brain. I’ve noticed that any time I start a negative conversation in my head I stop and tell myself I am good enough and tap it out. I recommend the 30 day challenge to anyone struggling with not feeling good enough in any area of life!  Margie Hyde

“I recommend Madonna without hesitation to anyone who needs to clear persistent and stubborn mental and emotional blocks.  Her technique is literally an attitude adjustment that is no nonsense and immensely practical. Madonna is serious about helping you change and does not subscribe to making her clients dependent upon her. She has equipped me with the tools I need for ongoing change. I know however I will seek her out when I am ready to take my next step in creating my life.” Ingrid McGuffog

“I started a new journey with Madonna in January with “I am good enough” program. I had been wanting to make changes in my life & wanted to complete my yoga training. I had doubted myself for so long, so this seemed like the right path. Whoooaa what an opening journey it has been. It is not an easy thing to do working with one’s past. With Madonna’s openess in sharing her own stories & the forum of the challenge it really helped to know we are not alone. I shared stories with & from some brave determined women. There were days that were difficult and others that were exhilarating but always Madonna’s support & guidance. She seemed to know if anyone was struggling & would gently uplift & direct them to take time to absorb & understand. I am a work in progress…still unravelling but feeling so much better about myself & have an understanding of who I am. I can’t thank Madonna enough for her patience & support & would highly recommend this program. Although you must be prepared to do some tough work, it is so worth it. I am proud to say I begin my yoga course tomorrow. I am good enough.”   Darelle

“It’s been a few months since I completed Madonna’s 30 Day I Am Enough Program and I’m still noticing changes. At the start, I was a bit dubious about the tapping method. It was all new to me and being a very head-based person I wanted proof.

Well, I got it. Working on the beliefs that hold me back and the old hurts was really freeing. I was able to let go of garbage and move on. I now have less anxiety. I am more confident about my work and take action faster.

I don’t always get things right but I’m easier on myself and don’t dwell on things nearly as much. Now I have a technique to use to find out what the issue is and release it and reprogram myself for success and happiness. I find I am less sensitive because I’m not reacting with all that past baggage. In short, life is better.

Madonna is about giving you the skills to deal with stuff independently, so you can continue to grow after the program. This is very empowering.”  Maria

“I cannot recommend the 30 day program with Madonna Robinson enough. It has been a real life changer for me both personally and professionally. My business is progressing in leaps and bounds and my personal relationships have become closer and more respectful. I now take better care of myself and I feel equipped to balance my business and personal priorities in a healthy way. I know I am a work in progress but I am for the first time in my life beginning to know I am enough.” Sonya

“I wouldn’t want to spend my money on anyone else now since doing the 30 Day Program. I’m going to allow some space to let the new stuff settle, cos actually, the changes have been so quick that I need to let the rest of me catch up! That catching up consists of me completing a course that I’ve put off for 6 months… Which is a potential money earner. I now have the focus and drive to complete it thanks to your support Madonna and the wonderful group that we all co created.” 

The cost for the 30 Day Program is $147 but for members of the Facebook  group, Rewire Your Brain for Success, pay only $99.  Please feel free to join the group and save $48.  I’d love to welcome you there where you can continue learning about mindset and neuroscience.

****Look for the the members link to the discounted price under the hashtag #memberslink in the group.  This program starts on the 15th September.   Prior to that date, you will receive a manual and be added to the group the morning of the start of the challenge.*****

If you’d like to experience results like those outlined in these wonderful testimonials, then join us for the next program.

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