Empty Your Sh#t Bucket

Have you experienced a lot of trauma, mistreatment or drama in your life? 

Are you still suffering the effects of that?

Have you done all the personal development work but still you just can’t create the level of success you want in relationships or career?

Do you have anxiety or depression that might be linked to the past?

Do you criticise yourself often, have loads of self doubt or feel less than other people, even though you might put on a good act and hide it well?

Or do you hold back from speaking up or asking for what you want?

Do you lack self esteem or confidence but push yourself through it to ‘prove’ your self worth?

Or do you avoid having to put yourself in the spotlight?

Are your relationships stressful, unhappy or unloving?  Or you can’t find Mr Right?

Do you end relationships easily and often (and that includes friendships)?

Do you get deeply triggered by injustice, sexism, abuse of others, bullying or any form of mistreatment?

Do you keep meeting people who turn out to be different from what you first thought?

Do you often have conflicts with friends, acquaintances, family members, partners, or in your business dealings?

Or do you shut up or give in to keep the peace?

Do you find you get angry often? Do you find you have to keep standing up for yourself over and over again?

Or do you get silently and inwardly hurt by others often?

Are you happy with your life?  Really happy?

When we have been abused, mistreated or controlled or even severely criticised, even though we have had the counselling and therapy, the effects of those emotional episodes stay in cellular memory and continue to get triggered until resolved.

And depending on our personality we either become an over achiever or an underachiever.  We either become someone with a big personality who makes sure everyone knows they around or we become lurkers in life.

Either way, we are still survivors of life, not thrivers. We will never achieve the success or the inner happiness or the truly loving relationships we want until we heal the past, take the charge off the emotional triggers and regain our own personal power, not the power of the ego, the power of our inner essence, the real you.


In the Empty Your Sh#t Bucket Program you will

  • get 6 one on one highly targeted one hour sessions with me of concentrated, intense drilling down and uncovering those emotional wounds. The sessions  are conducted by PHONE or Facebook messenger, so location is not an issue
  • experience a personalised program that is for you only because what’s in your bucket is different for everyone
  • get virtually unlimited support by Facebook message. You will have access to me during the entire 6 weeks to ask questions, get clarity and to help you move ahead faster
  • learn all my techniques for emptying that bucket and filling it with fresh new feelings, patterns and beliefs
  • identify how you really SEE yourself
  • dissolve the old passive or aggressive version of you
  •  stop being triggered or taking anything personally
  • change anything that no longer serves you
  • let go of the past
  •  stop peeling onions and get resolution on chronic issues by getting to the core
  • how to find and have loving and supportive relationships
  • use  Energy Techniques effectively that can radically improve your life in every way

And this is not cookie cutter, because you’re not. Empty Your Sh#t Bucket is all about you.  It really is about completely letting go of your past and resolving it. It’s pretty painless with energy work, but you need to be aware that as old programming or memories surface, there could be some tears. And you might need extra support, which is why I offer (almost) unlimited support.

This is truly pioneering work, a culmination for me of 30 years studying personal development and mindset techniques and 16 years working with Energy Psychology in various forms. And this is the reason I do it.

I have combined the best of what I have learned about what works and condensed it to be delivered in the shortest time frame possible and for the lowest possible price. I am so pleased and so proud to offer this work and I look forward to working with anyone who wants to create more success in their lives and to learn how to be who you are really meant to be and to feel happy living in the skin you are in. Without the holding back or without the act.

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