My Big Leap

My Big LeapMy Big Leap is a group coaching program that grew organically from the 30 Day I Am Enough Challenge.  It came from the members who moved from feeling ‘not enough’ but still want ongoing coaching for when their stuff strikes and leaves them feeling like this Big Goal isn’t going to happen for them.

It is for anyone who has a BIG goal but not necessarily a plan or a structure yet.  It is for anyone who has struggled with procrastination, sabotage or fear. And who hasn’t?

It is unstructured coaching that comes from the needs of the group. There will be videos on how to smash fear and doubt and all you have to do is adapt them to your particular fear and follow along.  There will be videos on many topics but they will arise from the needs of the group.

You will get

  • resources and plenty of them to help you along the way, like how to use Brainwave Entrainment and Alpha Visualising to help you get there faster.


  • help with your plan and your strategy and make sure your direction is in line with your vision.


  • amazing ongoing support and encouragement from a bunch of incredible women. Networking and masterminding without the high cost.


  • a  program that works for you because you can ask questions and get your stuff sorted every single day by someone who has your back


  • a program that could be called metaphysics meets personal development meets mindset


You could learn


  • about your Upper Limit, where it is set and how to break through it


  • how to smash any fear


  • how to find the big stories that resist very strongly and what to do about it


  • what to do when procrastination rears its head


  • how to let go of attachment to outcomes


  • to master your mindset and emotions


  • how to deal with failure and disappointment


  • how to get unshakeable Self Belief and Confidence


  • how to clear your money signature


  • how to really discover your self image and how to upgrade it


  • why staying in the Peak Performance Zone is so important and how to do that


  • how to stop taking stuff personally


  • how to rewire your brain for absolute success


  • and much, much more


There will be no set order for the delivery of these learnings just as there will be no set time for you to connect with the group.  Membership will be $149 a month recurring but you can leave at any time. It will be conducted in a Closed Facebook Group,


If you have a Big Goal but are struggling with birthing it into reality, join us and make 2016 your best year yet.

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