Rewire Your Mind for Universal Intelligence

“Stop believing in your limited self and start believing in the unlimited power of Universal Intelligence that is connected to you.”   


Are you sick and tired of settling?  Have you really had enough?

Are you ready to have more of what you do want instead of what just turns up? 

Is self doubt or procrastination holding you back?

Do you second guess yourself?

Are you stuck in fear mode?

Do you often have anxiety about the future?

Do you fail to act on those amazing ideas that somehow magically come to you in the middle of the night?

Do you put limits on what’s possible for you even though you know that everything is possible, at least for others anyway?

You’ve no doubt read or seen The Secret and maybe you watch Abraham Hicks on YouTube, follow Louise Hay but perhaps Tony Robbins or Bob Proctor is more your style.

It doesn’t matter which one of those resonate with you, the truth is all have a similar message and that is the ‘power is within you.’

And although you sort of believe it and have and seen glimpses of it, you struggle to feel it or live it consistently enough to create the life by design you want. So you end up with a life by default.

And wonder how others can live such a charmed life when you can’t seem to manage it.

Let’s be brutally honest.  You don’t truly believe you’ve got what it takes to have the life you want or that YOU can actually have it.  If you did, you’d be working on taming that inner power every day.

When we truly get and by that I mean FEEL and KNOW not just think or even believe at a conscious level, that we are beings who can tap into a field of intelligence so vast, so limitless and so all encompassing that the very notion of ‘not enoughness’ on any level is not only absolutely ridiculous, it’s not even possible.

These old stories we scare ourselves with simply don’t hold up to the truth and the power of Universal Intelligence.

And that belief about not being good enough or varying versions or degrees of it keep us from the level of achievement or the goals and desires we have. Once we are fully able to bypass this Mind Lie, this spiritual untruth, and truly own the power we have within us to create, then that belief starts to disappear. And more becomes possible for us.

The other Big Thing that keeps us in our box and limits us is that deep down at a subconscious level, many of us really don’t believe we are able to have the same success levels as other people. Sure, consciously we do and that’s why we keep going. We have read all the books, been to all the programs, know all about the Law of Attraction and positive thinking. But subconsciously we still really don’t believe it.

And the reason for that is simple. We know ourselves intimately, our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our failures and our small mindedness. And we have constructed a false self to cover up these flaws in the hope that others won’t see us as we ‘really’ are. And this in itself is another lie. The self we have constructed, the one we rely on to create and achieve is a fabrication and it is a saboteur. And yet we think that false self is us. Nothing could be further from the truth. And we wonder why we doubt, second guess ourselves or sabotage our success.

The real self, our true nature is Universal. It supersedes and makes invalid all the stories, the beliefs the patterns and the emotions which make up our constructed self and from which we keep on playing out the self imposed limitations which in turn tell us we need to learn a new modality, get a brand new shiny website or any of the other distracting activities that take our focus away from who we truly are.

It is possible to rewire our brains to BELIEVE and FEEL that we are indeed beings who are extensions of Source energy and that we can tap into that field of intelligence so vast and limitless that our small mind can’t actually comprehend it. And from that place we can create.
These are exciting times we live in where all things are becoming possible and where we are only limited by our imagination. Can you ‘feel’ the possibility?


Rewire Your Mind for Universal Consciousness

  • Identifies the Mind Lies you tell yourself that create self doubt and limitation
  • Dissolves that old, limited version of you that keeps you playing small, afraid and falling into fear and overwhelm
  • Rewires your  brain to know you are an extension of Source Energy, an infinite, limitless being capable of tapping into Universal Intelligence where all things are possible
  • Can be adapted to your specific goals; weight loss, money, more clients, a better relationship or to feel happier or less stressed.

Here’s what else you will learn. How to;

  •  continually upgrade your self identity by raising your awareness
  • change anything that no longer serves you
  •  stop peeling onions and get resolution by getting to the core of the Mind lies you have been telling yourself
  • use multiple Energy Techniques effectively that can radically improve your life in every way
  • be your own guru
  • create the success you want easily
  • and much, much more

And this is not cookie cutter, because you’re not. Rewiring Your Mind for Universal Intelligence is all about you.  Once you know and feel the Truth of who you are, doubt, overwhelm and fear of failure start to fall away because it’s impossible to know the truth and entertain limiting beliefs about yourself.

Rewiring your Mind for Universal Intelligence success consists of four one on one, highly targeted sessions which are conducted by PHONE or Facebook messenger, so location is not an issue.

This is truly pioneering work, a culmination for me of 30 years studying personal development and mindset techniques and 16 years working with Energy Psychology in various forms.  I have combined the best of what I have learned about what works and condensed them to be delivered  in the shortest time frame possible and for the lowest possible price. I am so pleased and so proud to offer this work and I look forward to working with anyone who wants to create more success in their lives and to learn how to be who you are really meant to be.

Rewire your Mind for Universal Intelligence Program

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