Smash Your Upper Limit

Is it time to Uplevel?

Have you been stuck at the same level of income for far too long?

Or are you stuck at a level in your network marketing company and can’t seem to make it to the next level?

You need Uplevelling.

Uplevelling is a process developed by me specifically for people just like you. It works like this.

Firstly, we test where your financial Upper Limit is set by using muscle testing. Once that is established, we know where to begin. Then we find out why the level has been set where it is.

The second step is to find your personal Upper Limit ‘stories’ that created the upper limit. Most of these are unconscious but you don’t have to know about them. That is my job. These stories can take many forms and each of them has the power to block your success and keep you at the same level.

Stories like;
I can’t earn more than my husband.
I’m worried I’ll lose my friends/family.
What if I become more successful and I lose it all?
What if I change and become a nasty, selfish person?
My marriage could break up.
I don’t see myself as the sort of person who earns x amount of dollars.

Of course these are simply stories, but because we believe them, they have the power to limit our lives.

The third step is to dismantle the stories using a number of different techniques based on Energy Psychology, so they no longer have power over you.

The fourth step is to shift the Upper Limit amount or level so you can allow yourself to earn or reach the desired level.

I always suggest that we don’t start off with a much higher level than the one you are used to as the conscious mind has a tendency to resist such a big change. Instead we move the level up gradually increasing it until the mind becomes accustomed to the desired amount or level.

The fifth step rewires the brain using the latest research in Neuroscience and the same type of Visualisation that Olympic athletes and elite sports people use to set the new level and the final step is that you learn how to combine your Mind Power with Source energy.

These steps are not necessarily in sequence but occur simultaneously from the first consult.

You will learn how to;
• use brainwave entrainment for success
• smash your own Upper Limit in the future
• use various forms of Energy Psychology to shift perceptions, beliefs and outcomes
• master your mindset and emotions
• take the action necessary to create success

Consults are conducted either on skype or by phone.  If you are stuck on an Upper Limit and you’re over it, you know what to do. Click on the link below and let’s smash that out of the water.

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