Rewire the Brain and Overcome the Fear of Rejection in Business Workshop

Is your fear of rejection holding you back in business?
Do you balk at making a big offer to an organisation?
Are you procrastinating about writing that blog?
Do you put off asking for that joint venture?
Are you avoiding making those strategic business calls?
Do you rarely follow up on leads?
Do you hate asking anyone for anything?
Are you uncomfortable asking for the sale?
Have a real problem charging what you’re worth?
Do you hate sales and marketing?
Do you suck at self promotion?
Does public speaking make you break out in a sweat?
Care too much what others think of you?
Too afraid to offer Premium Packages?
Own up to it, you know you are letting the fear of rejection hold you back, limit your personal reach and keep you playing small, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.The fear of being rejected is without doubt, the biggest fear we all have. It is actually hardwired into the human psyche and has its origins in tribal societies. Rejection meant exclusion from the tribe and that usually meant death, so it is little wonder we fear it so strongly.The fear of rejection is deadly for business, and even more so for the entrepreneur. In fact, a quick google search will quickly reveal one of the main reasons for small business failure is the inability to overcome this fear of rejection.Entrepreneurs deal with this in one of two ways. They either force themselves to feel the fear and push through these uncomfortable feelings or they avoid situations that would trigger rejection at all costs. Both approaches create unnecessary stress in the individual. And more often than not, pushing through the fear eventually paralyses us and we end up avoiding the fear even more.

Either way, this fear of rejection means we miss out on multiple opportunities for growth, for financial gain or for increased public recognition.

What if there was another way? An easier way, that enables us to dissolve the fear first and then take action? Well, now there is.

With the new discoveries in the science of neuroplasticity, comes information about how to rewire the brain to eliminate this fear of rejection. Yes, that’s right, eliminate, not manage. And it can happen in hours and minutes, not years. Energy Psychology such as Tapping or EFT can rewire the neural pathways in the brain that are responsible for the triggering of this fear.

And this workshop does exactly that. It teaches you how to eliminate the fear of rejection in business so that you can take the action you need to build your business without the procrastination and without the fear, no matter how strong it has been in the past and how much you’ve been resisting.

Without getting too technical, the reason this system works is because the process uses the energy meridians in the body that carry information between cells and organs and the neural pathways in the brain. This approach is entirely different from cognitive methods, which attempts to convince your conscious mind to think differently. That rarely works as you probably already have found out. This technique is fast, effective and creates long lasting change. This workshop is not motivation or inspiration. If you are into rapid change, this workshop is for you.

Imagine being able to pick up the phone and make those calls and honestly not caring about hearing a No. Imagine being completely unattached to the outcome of a sales presentation. I know it’s hard to imagine because you’ve been hardwired to feel uncomfortable for so long.

Last week I worked with a woman who had been putting off making some strategic calls for months even though one sale could be worth $10,000. Five minutes into the process and she pulled out her phone and made the call. Those types of results can happen for you if you attend this workshop.

I was once so fearful of rejection that I wouldn’t even put my hand up in a lecture or a workshop to ask a question. The idea of public speaking made me want to throw up. These days I run workshops and make presentations regularly and I love it. I don’t care if someone rejects my offer, by workshop, my coaching package. I no longer take it personally. I don’t feel rejected, personally or otherwise and you can learn to feel the same.

This workshop is a Game Changer. Numbers are limited to 12.  I am available to run this workshop in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with 10 or more participants.  Contact me if you’d like to run this workshop for your group.


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